Dec. 16th, 2005

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I Hate List:
I hate men who are chauvinistic.
I hate men who think that they cannot stay committed to one girl.
I hate men who think that they are since they are well known in a certain province, they think like they are well connected and known on campus.
I hate men who are such elitists up to the point that they call people they don't like nobodies.
I hate men who are egotistical.
I hate the fact that I am slowly drifting apart...wait, no..I have drifted apart from those friends I made in OrSem. My orgmates are my barkada. My family now.
I hate the fact that people sometimes do not know how to use tact and discretion when trying to correct other people.
These are all my feelings from last night to today.
I had another fight with "hiM" (shudder...I seriously do not know what possessed me to become friends with the guy). He really gets on your nerves at times. Alexa is right. He will be okay in the start, then later on do something that will perpetually annoy you. Well, he did just the thing. Now, I guess we will be giving each other the cold shoulder treatment from now on. I will be civil with him, but not like before wherein we used to compare grades and lessons with me muttering off comments from the corner of my mouth. But this is all for the better.
How can one best act out Neruda's "Walking ArounD'"? it is kind of hard to interpret into actions such a profound monologue such as this. So, I go and ask them whether I could just half with "him" the poem. He said no, and of course his wonderful reason was because of the fact that I did not join the meeting yesterday.
You see, how would I have been able to go home properly if I met up with them? Please get this straight. This was all a matter of miscommunication, then you had to blow it out of proportion with your "no more excuses por favor" line.
Of course I felt guilty! I felt bad that I wasn't able to contribute more to the groups worksheet, however you have no right to say that to me like that. How dare you?!
I am not perfect, I am not responsible, but I do try to be a good and responsible student. It just is quite hard to achieve sometimes. Especially when you are so sleepy and the like.
Oh well....
Went out with chinky today in ATC. Have not seen her in ages! Her new hairdo is just perfect for her. It adds character to her face, as some bangs fall on the side of her forehead. Her hair is even more wavy than usual, and brings out her feminine side.
I will help contribute to her New Year's resolution on investing her money on clothes, by going out shopping with her, while also shopping for myself on the side. Hahaha.
i am dead tired. i will do my pinoy essay tommorow, early morning, then watch moulin rouge, go to parlor, and help fix the house
cheers! Later!


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