May. 19th, 2006

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Long time no write.
It's kind of hard having to journals to keep track off. One online one and one personal one.
Haven't really updated in a loooooooooong time.
Summer school is just alright. I love Filipino for the first time of my life. haha. isn't it just funny?
Isn't it funny? how life is? How by a certain twist of fate, you find another "kindred spirit" and as you get to know each other you realize "How come I have never met you before?!" Really, it's funny.....well, my dear, I hope that even if we are not classmates anymore next sem, I do hope that we can still retain our friendship.
Another sem is closing, and yet, I still do not feel any accomplished yet...maybe it's due to the fact that the summer sem is so short or something..i have no idea. My thoughts are just spilling out of my head at random with no direction at all. Just pure random thoughts. haha.
Speaking of accomplishments....I can't believe I actually wrote a one-shot HP fanfic. It was fun, though....
Okay, this is really pointless.
BOO. once more.
so random. I can't think anymore.
oh yeah. Elliot Yamin should not have been voted out. Kat has a nice voice...but she is standard. Let a guy win this time.
BOO> Good night


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