May. 23rd, 2006

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Spending quality time with your closest friends is bliss, especially if your bonding sessions happen two weeks in a row.
I really was not expecting to go to PALMS at all last Saturday. My plan was simple. After baptism, go to Gela's and watch GREY'S ANATOMY....Grey's Anatomy MARATHON!!!!!
Instead, it was double the fun. Downside- I left my wallet.
Yup, so there I was, having fun with Lor and Gela in the pool, and with Vicka and Trix who were in the Sauna.
BTW, Ktel's bday was my first time to use a Jacuzzi, and last Saturday was the first time to use the sauna, even though it was ony for a few minutes.
I missed the crepe because i was too full from the buffet lunch in Greenbelt (baptism reception) and I didn't have my wallet. (That wouldn't change anything because I don't have enough money.)
Then a little "roadtrip" in Vicka's cool car, with music blaring inside, and us taking pictures all around...or rather Trix and Lor were taking pictures all around. But then again, who can resist the camera? :)
Then came the Marathon.
Wow. Cool. I love this show. And Gela knew I would. She knows me reaaaaaaallly well. ;)
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!
GREY'S ANATOMY. Really wonderful show. WOnderful characters and WONDERFUL MUSIC!!!!
My mom picked me up, and I noticed that the music playing was disco music again. Suddenly, I remembered the countless times mom would set up the videoke in her room, or sometimes the living room, take out all our mikes and all of us kids would fight for the mike and the songs that we could sing. Sure, it isn't magic sing, but just as fulfilling.
Just as fulfulling as singing great karaoke hits in PALMS on Ktel's bday, with really good food to boot.
A while ago, as my groupmates and I were working on our report for tommorow (heeellllp meeee!) I found it funny that when we discuss "Nasa Puso ang Amerika" with ourselves, we are spewing out with ideas, but when faced with the powerpoint, we had a hard time putting down stuf. (at first. It was hard to organize everything.)
Then Av was wondering who the Pinoy Lolo of Rock was. Ok, we never found out who he was, but our guesses were hilarious.
"Rico j. Puno?"
"Joey Ayala?"
"Jose Marie Chan?"
hahaha. Funny. ALl we know is that he is old and skinny. heheh.
My tita is here from the states. We get new magazines, snacks, clothes, shampoos, lotions and CD's. Mom has her Rene Olstead and Celine has her Aly and AJ. And everything smells all Stateside..which is a good smell indeed.


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