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.....and I though that things better tonight. No more groupworks to think about except for the History play. I had a plan in mind already. As soon as I get home research on Hong Kong, Macao and Alfred Kong. However, it seems that I am having a hard time finding him on the internet. All I needed was additional information, and I can't find any! :(
It is really sooo frustrating when you want to do a million things, but you realize in the end that you can handle only as much as you can. It's frustrating when people push you or pressure you too much until it reaches the point that you want to scream out loud for everything to stop.
Which, I think, I am already doing. Okay, I know that I asked for this, I wanted to do the script. However, my mind is such in a muddle. I can't think clearly, but I have to push myself harder in order to be able to finish this challenge that I have to respond to.
Writing is fun. It's been a long times since I wrote or better yet co-wrote a script. Yes, this history play will serve as a nice challenge for me.
It's amazing how small things make you happy as your day goes by. It may be some good advice, a heartfelt conversation with a friend, a simple smile and a hello, or a friend reassuring you in times of need. It's amazing, isn't it? How the little things of life put a smile upon a face and make one's day. So thank you, to the people who made my day. Thank you.
I'm literally falling apart and my ever observant parents can see that, but even though, I must try my best to be as "unstressed" as possible. I wonder how I will do that?")
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