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FINALLY WE HAVE ELECTRICITY AFTER TWO DAYS OF NO electricity....okay, so we still don't have water, but at least that is remedied by the fact that we can collect water in AAVA waterworks and in the house we are building in Malvar St. :)
But of course there are drawbacks to this, such as I didn't know that we had an NSTP processing session today from 8-9 and i only learned it now because i only had internet access now. :( Oh no...*sigh*and it does not help that I don't have a cellphone and I live all the way in Alabang, which really does make you feel isolated when you don't have tv, radio, or cellphones on. the only method of communication that we had was the landline telephone. We had to save the battery of the cellphones.
Last Thursday my mother took me on an "adventure". Which consisted of driving around the village in the storm and checking out the new house being constructed in Malvar. Basically, we had to find our way around because so many roads were blocked by huge trees which had either fallen or uprooted. In one house, not only did a tree fall, but their electrical post fell as well.
In most streets, most of the wires were left dangling or laying on the road, which was quite freaky as we had to drive over them.
When we went to St. James (our Church), we ran into a stray dangling wire. I freaked out and my mom was just saying how "exciting" it was. Hahhaha. When we got to St. James, I stayed inside the car while my mom was praying in the Church. At that moment the storm got worse and the wind picked up. Imagine how scared i was when the van was rocking slightly back and forth because of the strong winds.
Yesterday, going to ATC was something else. SUPER TRAFFIC. And all the D size batteries were out ot stock. And everyone was buying pails and the like to collect water in. And I was able to convince my mom to buy some canned goods (cornbeef and spam) just in case. We usually don't have canned goods in the house, you see.
And for some weird reason I ended up sleeping almost the entire day, but then i still managed to sleep early, and by early I mean before twelve midnight.
The first night however, I called up Chinky, and we had a long good talk. I really miss my barkada!


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