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The first week of the sembreak is about to end, yet my vacation is only beginning! It is such a wonderful feeling! I don't need to drag myself out of bed to face schoolwork and some classes wherein you abolutely learn nothing from (ny horrible English class). I don't need to go home to a dorm anymore, and face the silence that it entails. Believe me, the silence was defeaning there in my dorm. That's why, every night, while I did homework on the laptop, or chatted with my friends on YM, I always made sure that I had music playing in the background. Well, yes, my music was always Broadway. I can't help it. hehe.
Things to do:
1. Fix my things
2. Fix my citizenship papers
Here's the thing. Worst case scenario is that I myself will have to go to the States to fix my papers. And if this happens, I will most probably have to go during this sembreak. This means, of course, that I will not be able to have a big 18th birthday party, like I planned it. I will most likely have to resort to treating out my friends on seperate days. One for my BlueRep friends, and one for my highschool barkada. Hey, all least I still get to celebrate it with my friends. That's what is really important to me anyway.
On the other hand, it would be nice to go to the States, even if it means staying there for a short while. I will be able to see the relatives I have in New York whom I haven't seen for the longest time. I could even get to see at least one Broadway show while I am there. I am pretty sure, if I have to choose only one Broadway show to watch, I would have such a hard time deciding! There are so many shows that I am eager to watch!
Some days ago, I was fixing my things,and I consequently stumbled upon one of my old clearbooks. In it were my SAT grades as well as the letter from PACE University complete with Application form and brochure. Just looking at that made me wonder if I really made the right choice in choosing not to push through with applying for colleges in the States. It also made me wonder whether my plan of shifting would just be the right decision for me. Sometimes, the answers come out easily, sometimes it's not as easy. All I can do is reaasure myself that what's done is done, and that I think that my plan for the future is the right one for me.
DID you knoW? there's is actually a MUSIcAL THEatrE course in Syracuse University (New York)? I want to take that course when I go there! But of course that will have to wait. I will finish college here first, of course.


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