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Finally, I found time to actually write in this journal again. I have been quite busy the past few days, since it is exam week for my siblings again, which means that I am the tutor ng bayan once again. It is quite a headache sometimes, especially when some of the questions can be answered through common sense, or when you know that they are perfectly capable of answering the question correctly if only they weren't so distracted. But then again, I am also getting a taste of my own medicine. I can get distracted quite easily as well, but I don't distract myself by jumping on beds and moving around too much! oh well-the hardships of being an ate. I am at my wits end about reviewing my siblings. Right now, my brother is taking a long time to start studying. And to think he is usually the one who is prompt in studying right away so that I could finish reviewing him faster. I have telling him to start studying thirty minutes ago. It is really trying my patience.
I was able to call the American Embassy after a loooong time. For some reason, I get nervous whenever I call people I don't know for my mom, or calling places like the Embassy. Turns out that I don't need to go to the States or anything. I also don't need to choose my citizenship anymore. I hold an American passport, and I am an American citizen. Just as long as I have that, I don't need to do anything extra anymore. It's quite a relief. I didn't want to go to the States alone!
Can you believe it? I am going to have driving lessons starting this Wed.! Cool! It seems that my mom has forgotten all about the grounding she gave me a month ago. but then again, she also benefits from me learning how to drive. I will be able to go to South in ATC to buy the groceries, maybe pick up my siblings from school. In any case, that's fine with me.


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