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hey, i know that i have not written since october. I have been quite busy with stuff at home and currently at school. Right now, I am trying to take a little breather and just writing this in order to cool me down, with no format whatsoever.
First of all, this week has been a very, very bad week for and can you believe that it is only Tuesday?
My brain is in a confused muddle, trying to make the most of what I have available at my fingertips staring vaugely into space and just typing, typing;watching the words flow out of my brain which is not exactly thinking right now. I am trapped between the lines the spaces of words,lines and sentences that I should be formulating in order to come up with a feasible topic proposal, dreading the next day and the subjects that it then brings.Wondering, and trying not to worry about the fact that the topic will be once again thrown back into the abyss of thought from which it came from and another dull topic shall be thrust upon my shoulders once again. I sure hope not. Statistics are fine I guess, for this kind of topic, but what else forms of sources can I use? The only things that will help are History textbooks,the book on the development of the economy of puerto rico,and internet sources. Thank goodness I only need five sources for tomorrow.
I like to be free from everything, I do not like anyone to boss me around. Yet, in writing essays, I prefer pre-set topics for me,just the general broad topic, then from there, I can use my creativity to look for an interesting topic. It is weird, in a way. And funny thing is, it would be way much easier for me to go back to fourth year highschool Philosophy with Ms. Frim, and write papers regarding philosophical ideas. However, research papers are more fun. I can really do a paper about theatre, or about a certain European country in a particular insident in history. Researching, and reporting what I research on is really fun. Writing argumentative papers has lost its thrill already to me. However, I know that I should not think this way regarding the paper. I should be positive or else I will not be able to write a good paper. And if I get a low grade,the harder it will be for me to get a 3.00 by the end of this semester.
-I don't mean for things to happen the way they somehow turn out to be. THey just happen. Yes, it is mostly always my fault, which I always try to cover up with different other excuses to calm my mind, even though I know that it is wrong. There, I think that I should really go to bed now. I have done nothing at all for the many things tommorow except for this entry. It shows what a responsible student I am. I will sleep on this topic, and I am pretty sure that not many people are online at 2.30 in the morning, or 3.00, so the internet will be faster.
The cool night wind whips the dark locks of raven hair as she walks by at a brisk pace. Pausing suddenly, she leans over to pick the delicate petals of a rose growing by the path. Her delicate fingers brush against the soft petals of the flower as she tucks it neatly inside her lapel pocket. With a swift glance behind her, she sets off once more, stepping lightly onto the dirt paved path. As she stands there,surveying the scene rolling out to her view, beams of light emmanate from the moon above, illuminating the well worn path and the willowy, slender figure of a raven haired girl.


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